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What growing minds need

Canterbury and District Pre-School has a long-standing place of over 50 years in the Community.

We cater to our families and the community by offering both 3 and 4 year old programs.

We are a family centred practice that embraces input and participation from families. We create a warm, safe and stimulating environment catering to individual children and their family’s needs, interests, beliefs and cultural practises.




Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) - Deakin University

Sarah is an experienced and caring Early Childhood teacher, who leads the Yellow, Green and Purple 3 year old groups. She joined the Canterbury and District Pre-school team in 2017.

Sarah has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from Deakin University and has worked in a variety of early childhood settings around Melbourne.

Sarah is passionate about young children’s learning and creating welcoming and engaging learning environments where children feel safe, secure, respected and supported as they learn, grow and discover. She believes that children learn best though play-based programs that incorporate children’s interests, individual needs and intentional teaching.

At Canterbury and District Pre-School we pride ourselves on:

  • Reflective Practice: evaluating the effectiveness of the program
  • Documenting children’s learning and making this available to families
  • Collaboration with children, their families and the wider community
  • Positive relationships with children: we recognise equality and respect each child’s uniqueness and individual difference
  • We encourage each children’s Autonomy and independence
  • Encouraging and challenging the children’s thinking and individual skills
  • Providing ongoing Professional Development for all staff


The Classroom

The Classroom

A collaborative and interactive learning space.

The pre-shool has one main teaching room with a kitchen and staffroom attached. Divided from the main room by a glass partition are the children’s locker room and bathrooms.
Evironmental Sustainability

Evironmental Sustainability

We offer a Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly program at the kindergarten.

The kindergarten facilities include a small veggie patch and a rainwater tank. Children help estabilish and maintain the vegetable garden, monitor the rain water tank, are mindful about rubbish and recycling, and help cultivate the worm farm & compost bin.
Playground and Outdoor Features

Playground and Outdoor Features

What growing minds need.

Outside, the kindergarten has several outdoor play spaces, including a “soft fall” area with climbing frames plus a large sandpit. Canterbury and District Pre-shool is situated adjoining the Canterbury Sports Ground in a green and leafy street in Surrey Hills.
Our Commitments

Our Commitments

To provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where children develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

We are committed to encouraging children to develop a strong sense of identity, to be connected with and contribute to their world, to have a strong sense of wellbeing, to be confident and involved learners and to be effective communicators.

Key goals include:

  • Provide a sense of belonging
  • Create fun, nurturing, inviting and safe learning environments
  • To respect all children, their individuality, families, cultures and beliefs
  • To provide open-ended experiences to promote self directed learning as individuals, and also in small and large groups
  • To promote awareness of the environment, both natural and man made
Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Canterbury and District Preschool supports the Victorian Early Years Learning and development Framework. (VEYLDF)

We provide a play based educational program that incorporates both developmentally and age appropriate practises and intentional teaching. It is child initiated and aims to meet every child’s needs, strengths and interests.

We value the needs of “the whole” child, incorporating their learning through the following areas: Identity, Wellbeing, Learning, Communication and Community. Children belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider Community. We recognise families as the child’s first educators, and work collaboratively with families to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with open communication and trust.

We create a welcoming and culturally inclusive environment where all families are encouraged to participate in and contribute to children’s learning and development experiences. **


Local Businesses Supporting the preschool

Thank you to Ben the Butcher and Bread Street Bakery for their ongoing support of the preschool.  We love our sausages and bread and the hot cross buns at Easter.



A non-profit organisation

Our kindergarten is a non-profit organisation which relies on funding from the Victorian Government as well as the payment of fees.

The kindergarten receives a fixed per capita grant for each child attending the four-year-old program.

This is insufficient to cover the costs of providing a quality kindergarten program. The three-year old program is not a government funded program.


Canterbury & District Pre-School

26 Guildford Road

Surrey Hills | VIC | 3127

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