Program: 4 Year Old Kinder

What to expect

We aim to provide many varied individual and group experiences to further expand the areas of development of the older children.

Children attending four-year-old kindergarten are encouraged to develop a variety of motor, play, social, self-help and communication skills. During a regular session we will offer children time for:

  • Indoor activity play
  • Outdoor activity play
  • Group experiences such as stories, music, movement, dancing, games and drama.
  • Snack/lunch

Varied learning

Four-year-old kindergarten also provides a range of targeted incursions to compliment the various themes which we cover with the children across the year.

We also plan to have one excursion during the four-year-old year.

2024 Program Timetable & Cost

Group Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Red Group

15 hrs


8.30am – 4pm 8.30am – 4pm

Blue Group

15 hrs


8.30am – 4pm 8.30am – 4pm

Yellow Group 

15 hrs


8.30am – 4pm 8.30am – 4pm

Central Enrolments

Canterbury and District Pre-school’s enrolments are managed through the Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolments Scheme (BKCES). Full details of the enrolment process including timelines and the application form can be found on the City of Boroondara website.

Enrolment enquiries should be directed to the BKCES on 9278 4444 or email 

You may apply online: 

Please note:  Due to Free Kinder for 2024 there are no discounts applicable to valid Concession Card holders.  Valid concession card holders should contact the Fees Officer to discuss the security deposit



CDPS have opted in to Free Kinder for 2024 there are no term fees for 3YO or 4YO programs in 2024.



Development goals

  • Develop self-help skills and independence
  • Develop a positive self-image and grow in confidence
  • Understand and learn the behaviour necessary for effective membership of a group situation
  • Become self-disciplined and develop respect for others through cooperation, sharing, taking turns and generally adhering to the rules of “fair-play”
  • Learn to work independently as well as part of a group
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills necessary to confidently and competently function in their environment
  • Develop creativity, imagination, curiosity

Educational goals

  • Develop a variety of language skills such as verbal fluency, articulation, comprehension, listening carefully and responding appropriately
  • Learn through active exploration of the environment
  • Be involved in a variety of activities and experiences that encourage the development of pre-reading and pre-writing skills
  • Remain and direct their attention to a selected activity through persistence and concentration and ultimately, see the activity to its logical conclusion
  • Develop mastery of “key” concepts that are needed for progress at school


In addition to our learning program, the teachers organise fun and exciting activities for the children. These are just some of the fun things that have been undertaken in the last year or two.

Sustainability and the Environment

We offer a Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly program at the kindergarten:

  • Establishing own vegetable garden
  • Monitoring the rain water tank
  • Conscious recycling
  • Worm farm & compost bin

Hands On Learning

Responsible Pet Program

Cooking and Pancake day

Jungle Journey / Aussie Animal Adventures

Wild Action (real Australian Animals)

Seaweed Sammy

African drumming

Special Visitor & Activity Days

Weekly ‘Ready, Set, Go’ kids sport program

Outdoor obstacle courses

Footy Days with AFL players

Visit from Acorn Nursery & Local Baker’s

Backyard Honey Beekeeper


Family Mornings

Grandparent / special friend day

Mum’s Morning tea

Dad’s Morning tea


Excursion to Melbourne Museum

Visit to the local shops (Union Rd)

Chesterfield Farm

Mini Maestros Music & Movement for 0-5s

Mini Maestros Music & Movement for 0-5s

 Support Your Child to Thrive

Children are our future.

As parents, we want to know we have done all we can to give them the best preparation they deserve, to face the increasingly uncertain road ahead.  

We know that children who are creative, capable, resilient, and aware, have the best chances to thrive in the world that lay ahead.

That’s why at Mini Maestros, we have refined our formula for nurturing babies to 5 year old's through music and movement classes old for almost 40 years.

Mini Maestros classes are a one-stop shop when it comes to providing “brain-food” for your little one. 

  • Build Confidence
  • Nurture Whole Brain Development
  • Social Interaction for Parent and Child
  • Age-Specific for Children’s Developmental Stage
  • Classroom Experience in Preparation for Kinder and School

Feel reassured we are supporting your child to thrive, so they are better prepared, achieving millstones, and skipping with confidence into the future. 


Mini Maestros | Music Classes for Pre-School Children | Online Courses

Life is busy. We all know that. So we believe in giving your child a moment in their week to stop, and find calm with mindfulness & movement as part of their CDPS program. At Hello Yoga our focus is to build a beautiful combo of strength & confidence in kids so they better cope with whatever the challenge, anxiety, or upset. Our classes find calm, balance, & forever focus on how incredible kids are, ‘as they are’. Best thing is that all of this is woven into a whole lot of fun!



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