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Parent  Handbook

So what does a “Parent-Run” Kinder actually mean?

Canterbury & District Pre-School Is A Non-Profit Organisation, and relies on volunteer parental involvement to keep the kinder running smoothly! Since we opened over 50 years ago, we are still run and operated by the families who attend our kinder each year.

We have a committee of management elected by the families, and this committee does pretty much everything! We employ staff, tackle problems, track enrolments, and deal with grants, fundraising, maintenance and safety. And importantly, it means that families feel real ownership over how our kinder operates, and allows each & every family a very real say in the environment their child is in.

But don’t worry – this is not as a scary as it sounds! Roles covering Social Club, Human Resources, Maintenance, Marketing & PR, OH&S, through to the President & Vice President are available, and if you are feeling motivated, it is a great way to leverage your professional skills, or have a go a something you may be interested in!

Importantly, there is no obligation to take part, but it is nice to know that fellow parents are driving the agenda for our kinder.

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How Our Fees Work

Our kindergarten relies on funding from the Victorian Government, alongside the payment of fees from families attending our programs, to ensure we offer the best quality kinder experience for your child. We aim to keep our fees as low as possible, and competitive with other options in the Boroondara area. We also are focused on offering various program structures, with days and hours, to ensure you can select the most appropriate option to suit your personal family situation.

Did you know – the kindergarten receives a fixed per capita grant for each child attending the four-year-old program, however this is insufficient to cover the costs of providing a quality kindergarten program. Currently, the three-year old program is not a government funded program. This is why both fees from families, and the wonderful support of our community business’ is so very important.


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